Westville News

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May.29/23 Proposed Re-zoning of Properties R2 to C2 The Town of Westville will be giving consideration to changing the zoning of the properties identified on the map shown from Residential Two Unit- R2 to Neighbourhood Commercial- C2. Westville will be reviewing the results of the survey at the Planning & Advisory Committee meeting scheduled for May 17, 2023. If you wish to attend the meeting please contact the office to confirm your attendance. Details
Jun.30/23 Procurement conducted by Canoe Procurement Group of Canada The Town of Westville intends to participate in one or more procurements conducted by Canoe Procurement Group of Canada between June 2022 – June 2023. For further information and access to the Canoe Procurement tender notices, please review For further information about Canoe Procurement Group of Canada, please visit Details
Sep.30/23 Low Income Property Tax Exemption Applications for the Low Income Property Tax Exemption are now open. Applications are attached or can be picked up from the office. Household Income under $24,847 can apply to have $275 credited to their account provided there are no outstanding tax arrears from last year and a notice of assessment from CRA is provided as proof of income. Details