The Westville Fire Rescue Department consists of 35 dedicated members who are trained as firefighters as well as medical first responders. The department responds to all types of fires including, grass, vehicle, structure and flue fires as well as assists the local Emergency Health Services by providing first responder service to calls within the town limits.

The members take an active roll in the communities and participate in such events as Muscular Dystrophy Boot Drive, Canada Day Celebration, Safe Grad Demonstration, Fire Prevention Open House, Remembrance Day Ceremony, Christmas Parade / Santa Float and Halloween Night Policing.



Mayor's Welcome

On behalf of the Westville Council thank you for visiting our Town and community online.

Westville residents are proud of their history and the future they are building together. From reclaimed parkland, to newly developed residential areas and civic buildings, Westville is moving forward, and we have much to be proud of. Take time to explore this web site, visit our many businesses, learn about our coal mining past, and discover our libraries and schools. These are just a few of many opportunities that Westville has to offer.

Most of all we welcome your suggestions. Please visit or call. Like the commmunity itself, this website is yours!

Roger MacKay, Mayor.


Listen to Mayor's Welcome

Ás leth Comhairle Bhaile An Iar, tapadh leibh airson céilidh a dheanadh air a' Bhaile is a' Choimhearsnachd againn air a' làraich seo.

Tha tuinichean Baile An Iar moiteil ás an eachdraidh is an àm ri teachd aca a tha iad a' togail còmhla.  Bho fhearann a chaidh a thoirt air ais a bhith 'na phàirc, gu àiteachan-còmhnaidh agus togalaichean-poblach chaidh a thogail o chionn ghoirid, tha Baile An Iar a' dol adhart.  Tha móran ann ás a bheil sinn moiteil.  Gabhaibh beagan ùine gus a' làrach seo rùrachadh.  Dèanaibh céilidh air ar gnìomhachais.  Ionnsaichibh mu dhéidhinn àm meinneadh a' ghuail a dh'aom agus faighibh lorg air ar leabharlainn is sgoiltean.  Seo agaibh dìreach feadhainn dhe na cothroman a tha aig Baile An Iar ri thairgsinn.

Barrachd air sin, bidh sinn toilichte na molaidhean agaibh 'fhaighinn.
An dèan sibh céilidh no an éibh sibh oirnn.  Coltach ris a' choimhearsnachd fhéin, 's ann leibh a tha a' làrach-lìn seo!

Ruairidh MacAoidh, Am Prìomh Bhùirdeiseach

“ Service & Protection through teamwork and community partnership”


The Westville Police Service is committed to improving the quality of life for its citizens by maintaining a safe community for all. To do this we have established a strong partnership with our community by working through the Westville Citizens Crime Prevention Association. Our strong teamwork has allowed the community to flourish during the worst of times. We work closely with other agencies to enhance service delivery.

We are committed to insuring the youth within our community receive the guidance needed to make mature decisions and develop into responsible citizens. We have several programs designed for different ages and work closely with our schools. Our youth benefit from our D.A.R.E. Program, Bicycle Safety Program, High School Grad Program, Crosswalk Safety Program and Halloween Safety Program to name a few. The 1st. Westville Police Venture / Rover Program is designed to allow youth to become an integral part of our community partnership and work along side our officers in providing community projects.

We work closely with our seniors to insure their safety and provide free of  charge the Senior’s Watch program that checks daily on seniors and disabled persons living alone.

We provide guidance and education to our businesses to prevent crime trends that target them.

Despite all efforts crime still exists in every community. Our officers and civilian staff have the training, experience and necessary skills to meet the needs of our community and combat this.

Donald E. Hussher, M.O.M., C.D.
Chief of Police


To view the Westville Police Strategic Plan please click here.

The Online Virtual Request form is an online method to place a service request, book a facility rental, or inform the Town Hall of any relevant community happenings which citizens feel should be communicated.  Please complete the form below and someone from the Town administration will return contact you as soon as they become available.

Tuesday, January 23, 2018
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